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APeeling5 MarketingMyths5 Things to HealDeathby BSDigital MagazineReal Stories by Real People with Real Solutions May 2021

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Publisher: MarketAPeel Editor: Shanon PeelDesign: Shannon PeelAPeeling Magazine is published by MarketAPeel939 Homer Street Unit 411 Vancouver, BC V6B 2W6 778-839-0521Copyright 2020 MarketAPeel. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced into any information retrieval systems without the written permission of MarketAPeel. The publishers are not responsible in whole or part for any errors or omissions in this publication. All opinions and views are those of the writers and not of the publisher.ISSN: TBD

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Shannon’s Thoughts In May we celebrate Mother’s Day and I was thinking back on the mothers in my life and the lessons I learned from them. My grandmother Peel was gone from my life too soon, how-ever her inuence still lives on within those of us whose lives she touched. She was a Lady in her manners, poise, and attitude. She taught me how to stand, walk, and eat at formal dinners. She was an artist, a businesswoman, and a journalist writing for Vancouver Sun, Vernon papers, and on the Ver-non radio. From her, I received so much. My Nan Price was an example of motherhood and family values. I am blessed to have learned from her as an adult and a mother. She always had wisdom to share and encouraged me. She was a writer at heart who left us with her story to share with our children, so they can understand where our family val-ues come from. No one could come close to her pies or buns, though I did try when my kids were young. From her I learned to bake, to put family rst My own mother is a strong woman who knows what she wants and achieves it. She’s a doer, a planner, and an organizer. She was a successful Realtor® who never lost sight of what mattered to her. From her, I learned how to work hard, to be there for my children, and be practical with my spending. For the longest time in my life I did not have to worry because she did it for me and it gave me the free-dom to bravely try new things and go out into the world. Click the Peel to Learn how to Install APeeling

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To me from my son. A recording of a song he composed, played, and sung.

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Shannon was interviewed by Pi-rie Jones for an article about healingafter a dramatic life change for Au-thority Magazine and Thrive Global.Here is an excerpt I grew up outside of Enderby, BCCanada. My family life was the stuffof 1950s/60s TV shows. I grew up in abubble where people had jobs, par-ents stayed married, grandparents livedclose, and we never felt we did without.My parents worked hard to give us theperfect middleclass life in a rural areawhere most kids didn’t have much. Welived outside, played sports, and wentto church. Practicality, scal responsibil-ity, hard work were the values both myparents modelled.
What are the top three qualities thatyou possess that have helped youaccomplish so much? tence matters 5 Things You need to HealClick the Peel to continue readingby Shannon Peel

By Pirie Jones Grossman

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Excerpt from Death by BS This book is for those who repeatedly come up against the same issue over and over, which impedes their ability to succeed. It will come as no surprise that the way you be-have around others has a direct impact on how people react to you. What may come as a surprise is that others see you differently than you see yourself based on how you interact with them. You may think you are a “happy” person however your neighbour would describe you as grumpy. You might believe you are generous to a fault, but by Likky LavjiDeath by BSClick the Peel to continue reading

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Meet the Realtor: Susanita De DiegoClick the Peel to continue reading Susanita de Diego is an experienced REALTOR® in Calgary and surrounding areas including Country Residential Real Estate and the towns of Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Strathmore, Chestermere, and Langdon. As a member of the Calgary Real Estate Board, she has her nger on the pulse of the industry and can interpret the market data to provide the correct information to help her clients make the best decisions for them. When Susanita started her Real Estate career, she discov-ered being a REALTOR® gave her the opportunity to help people and be of service.

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Change is HARD…. But it doesn’t have to be Change is HARD because there is a lack of honesty (di-rect and indirect) during the application of Change Man-agement. Honesty, when it comes to the application of Or-ganizational Change Manage-ment (OCM), is at the center of all successful change adoption and the honesty begins from the highest level of leadership to the lowest tittle. Like being a parent, leaders are called to lead by examples and just like in a family, the people you lead are relying on your guidance to take them to this desirable fu-ture you promise them. What do they need you to be honest about? It is quite simple, at the Click the Peel to continue readingby Janet Lewis

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When I rst started my com-pany,, it was completely by accident. One Saturday, I found myself nostalgi-cally watching a marathon of one of my favorite childhood sitcoms - The Dukes of Hazzard. During my trip down memory lane, I sat on the oor and created the rst eco-friendly bag with my likeness on it, now known as a SweetPurse-nality Tote. As I took the train to work each day, I deemed my purse as nothing more than a fashion accessory, just a little something - for me, by me. But as other women started to no-tice my one-of-a-kind arm candy, and the demands grew, it became apparent that I was onto something How my Preschooler Propelled my Prosperity Click the Peel to continue readingby Sonja Smith

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Inclusive Jewelry Has A Story Inclusive Jewelry’s missionis to create beautiful piecesthat allow you to express yourtrue inner self. We believe thatbeauty is inclusive and we areon a mission to empower andstrengthen the world aroundus--one hash tag necklace andmandala bracelet at a time.Each thoughtful collection wascreated by our designer, EstherTow, who collaborated with adiverse group of internationalsuppliers to give you uniquetalismans that will remind youto celebrate life and all its joys. Esther is a true New York-er, raised in Long Island. Estherwas tired of working for some-body else’s dream. Back in theClick the Peel to continue readingby Shannon Peel

by Esther Tow

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There is no denying that the internet has completely changed the face of trade for businesses and how consumers shop. The convenience of simply opening your laptop or unlock-ing your cell phone takes all the stress and effort out of tradi-tional high street shopping. With so many online busi-nesses competing for their cus-tomers’ attention, you run the risk of becoming lost amongst the crowd. How do you make sure that your brand and your prod-ucts are not just being seen but are actually getting noticed by your target market?The A-Z of Content MarketingClick the Peel to continue reading

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House cleaned, check. The roast is in the oven, check. The potatoes on the stove, check. The cake is iced, the pudding’s chilled, check. Buns. Oh no, I forgot the buns. “Alexis… Alexis…” My voice gets louder as I scream up the stairs. “ALEXIS!” “Ya what do you want? I’m busy.” “Doing what?” “None of your business.” “It is my business. Forget it. I need you to go and pick up some dinner buns from the store. Everyone will be here soon.” “Why does everyone have to come every week?” Family DinnerClick the Peel to continue readingBy Shannon Peel

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Shannon was

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ed to snow. When I’m faced with a problem, my rst reaction is to solve the problem by myself and move things forward. Indepen-dence has helped me be success-ful, but it is also the reason I strug-gled when my life fell apart. Stubborn tenacity. I’m a Tau-rus born in the year of the ox, there is no one more stubborn than I am. This can be a good thing as I keep going and eventually persevere by sheer force of will. As a business owner, my stubborn tenacity sees me through the tough times, how-ever when things are not working and the bank account is a beauti-ful shade of dark red, I wonder if I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque and I’m kicking a skeleton instead of a horse. Stubborn tenacity has kept me alive during the darkest of times, but I also ended up black and blue from hitting my head on the brick wall....What are your “5 Things You Need To Heal After a Dramatic Loss Or Life Change? 1. Find support in the form of a professional counsellor or psychol-

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ogist who is willing to listen to you. I found a therapist who was a good listener and provided me with feedback about who she saw in the chair across from her. For decades, I’d heard how I didn’t measure up from those who professed to love me, I believed them. Having a therapist who saw me as strong, intelligent, capable, and talented calmed the emotional storm within me and gave me the condence to believe in myself.2. Understand people have differ-ent abilities, skills, strengths, and needs. Accept them for who they are and don’t expect them to show up how you want them to show up. My best friend through school and life was always the one needing my help. When my life fell apart and I was emotionally suffering, her dismissive comments, harsh tone, and inability to show up was causing me emotional pain. I loved her, I still do, but I still had to step away to heal. She didn’t have the skills to be there for me in the way I needed her to be. I needed to stop calling her when I was in pain and needed a listening ear. When she called, I kept the conversation to 15 minutes. If she wanted to do

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something or needed help, I would politely tell her I was busy. She soon disappeared from my life. I don’t fault her or think badly of her. Unfortunately, my situation meant we couldn’t be friends at that time. By understanding her, I was able to remove the emotion from the situ-ation and continue to love her. ...5. Face your fear and learn to be alone. Getting divorced scared me because I’d never been with-out someone to help pay the bills (I was married young). Not having my kids living with me and being needed on a daily basis was un-thinkable. I was scared I had no value because I didn’t have a ca-reer. I was scared of being poor. I was scared of not being able to support myself. I was terried I’d be a bad mom. I feared being seen as a failure. Well, life made me face all of these things in short order and I’m still breathing. By being alone, I got to know my-self and learned I enjoyed being alone. The longer I was alone, the more I remembered who I am. I’m the kid who lived in the middle of nowhere, played by herself, and didn’t need to call a friend to hold her hand to go to the bathroom. During the time I spent isolated, I remembered I am a loner with big dreams.To read the full article and all 5 things you need to heal after a dramatic loss or life change - click the Peel.

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How MarketAPeel Tells Brand StoriesMeet with MarketAPeel to Discuss Your Brand StoryMultimedia Interactive Brochures6 page ipbook style brochure all about you and your services.Includes professional writer, designer, and publisherIncludes one 4 content pop ups - video, audio, presentation, galleryStarting at $900Multimedia Interactive Periodical12 - 48 page ipbook style periodical 4 - 12 months per yearIncludes professional writer, designer, and publisherIncludes articles, video, audio, presentation, photo galleryStarting at $1750 / issueSocial MediaGeneric Content pkg with copy and graphics $20/mCustomized content and full service management $500/mOther ServicesWebsite designBook writing, layout design, cover art, & publishingMarketing strategy, content creation, and campaign magmt

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BuyDiscover your blind spots and how to be a better leader by understanding how others perceive you. In his book, Death by BS, Likky Lavji shares his BS story and takes a deeper look at common blind spots like, lack of trust, fear of commitment, and conict avoidance. Inside you will nd questions to help you uncover your own blind spots and construct a plan to become a better leader.Available on Amazon

Click the Peel for Bob Burg Testimonial

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Excerpt from Death by BS This book is for those who repeatedly come up against the same issue over and over, which impedes their ability to succeed. It will come as no surprise that the way you be-have around others has a direct impact on how people react to you. What may come as a surprise is that others see you differently than you see yourself based on how you interact with them. You may think you are a “happy” person however your neighbour would describe you as grumpy. You might believe you are generous to a fault, but your wife tells her best friend that you are stingy with your resources, gifts, love, or a num-ber of other things in your re-lationship. You could describe yourself as easy going and your co-workers consider you demanding and exacting. This disconnect between how you perceive yourself and the reality of how others see you is called the blind spot effect. Because of blind spots in your life, you do not realize you are doing certain things and behaving in particular ways. “You Are Not Alone” Before becoming the Blind Spot Navigator, I owned a small IT company called Matrix. Over Keynote Speaker | Facilitator | ConsultantAPeeling Columnist

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ten years I built a protable business where I was a one-man show doing everything to take care of a strong client base. After ten years of growth, the company was maxed out in billable hours because I only had so much bandwidth. In an effort to take the business to the next level, I decided to bring on people smarter than me to help the business grow. During my journey to take it to the next level, I came up against the same limitations over and over again. The re-sults were frustrating, the prob-lems were time consuming, and the overhead was expensive. I couldn’t see why my efforts to grow kept failing to produce the desired results. I was un-aware of how my behaviour was affecting others. My be-haviours, beliefs and attitudes were causing my partners and employees to become unmoti-vated and leave the company. My business became a revolv-ing door, and I could not un-derstand why. In this book, I will share my journey at Matrix; where I failed, where I succeeded and

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what I learned about myself. In the process, you will discover blind spots and how they get in the way of your success. You will also learn how to overcome your own blind spots in your day-to-day life.Pyramid of Results The purpose of writing this book is to help you achieve success by focusing on re-sults-based actions. Leaders who are results- oriented have a clear understanding of what they want, but their blind spots can get in the way of achieving that result. By interconnecting blind spot identication with results-based leadership, teams are better able to achieve their common objectives and move the whole organization forward. At the core of this book is the foundation for any team who wants to achieve results – Trust. Through identifying the blind spots around trust, conict, in-tegrity and accountability, you will be able to lead a team to the results you want through the use of trust. When teams trust each-other

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they are open to voicing ideas, supporting each other, collab-orating, and working towards common objectives. Trust is the key to productive teams.More than a Book Death by B.S, is more than a book to read, it will challenge you to think about your own blind spots and how you can move beyond them to nd the success that eludes you.Visit to download the workbook which accom-panies the Kindle Version. It is lled with questions to help you identify your blind spots and nd the solutions you will need to change and realign your life to gain the success you desire.The Blind Spot Assessment On my website, there is a free assessment to help you identify which blind spots may be lurking outside of your peripheral vision. You will be provided with a report identifying your strengths, your work style, and the behaviors that others see, but you may not presently see in yourself. I encourage you to take a mo-ment to take the assessment and read the report unique to your work style.

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click ButtonDiscover your Leadership Style and Which BlindSpots to Look Out for.

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Marketing Myths5 By Adam Sinkus

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You have probably heard things like you have to SEO your website, social media is the best marketing tool, video is the best medium, you have to be on every social media platform, or a host of other things you “should” be doing with your marketing. We are going to break down what the myths are and what you should really be fo-cused on. Myth #1: More Trafc = More Money The reality is that we all want to get more sales, but just because someone clicked on your website does not mean they are there to make a pur-chase. In fact on average con-version rates for landing pages is only about 2.35%. By rule of thumb if more trafc comes then you will like-ly make more sales, but trafc can be challenging to generate (more on that later). Instead, the best marketing strategy is to increase conversions through content and user experience. More conversions often-times is a simple x, that is a lot less simple to spot unless you are elbow deep in your analyt-ics. Here are some simple tips. 1. Adjust the layout of your page to make it easier for visitors to navigate to an offer page. 2. Adjust your offers and where they are located at with-in your site 3. Keep testing and ad-justing your site and track traf-c and conversions until you maximize both (think quantity and quality).Myth #2: Content, Content, Content Unless you have been living off the grid, you have probably heard something like, “content is king.” The problem,

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content for the sake of content will just confuse and push away your potential customers. To win the content game you have to think of content in the context of a funnel. Every piece of content should drive your visitors through the pur-chasing cycle from awareness through evaluation and buying. This is where strategy becomes critical to the conversion of vis-itors to buyers. What should you be doing with your strate-gy? 1. Create a campaign that focuses on a specic niche or problem that your customers are experiencing. 2. Focus your content to walk through the buyer’s jour-ney from gaining awareness to making a purchase. 3. Post with purpose. Do not post just because you have been told you need an article or blog every month.Myth #3: Keywords Will Get You Ranked On Google Back when the internet was an infant and myspace was still the “cool” social media plat-form, you could jam a keyword into your site until the seems were bursting to get to #1. Subscribe to APeeling

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Fortunately, that has changed over the years and all the dirty keyword stufng tactics stopped working. Now that you know that keyword stufng won’t win you the coveted #1 spot on google what will? Keywords are still important but, you also need to think about the intent behind the search as well. Does the blog or page serve the purpose that people are searching for? That is because Google is fo-cused on giving searchers what they are looking for, not just keywords. Here are some strategies outside of keyword stufng that work. 1. Understand the intent of what people are searching for. Are they looking to buy a shirt or learn how to make one? Tai-lor your message to the intend-ed message to capture that audience 2. Do not try to hide extra keywords in white at the bot-tom of your page. Google will see this and it will impact your SEO ranking.

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Myth #4: I Must Have a Huge Social Media Following Don’t get me wrong hav-ing followers on social media is a great way to drive trafc to where your customers can buy your product, BUT… It does not mean that you have to invite every person in every networking group to like and follow your page. Just like your website the goal for your fol-lowers is to attract people that are likely to purchase from you. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes I see busi-ness owners make is posting “I will follow you if you follow me” campaigns in every single group they belong in. Often this means you will just have 20,000 followers that have no intention of buying from you. Last time I checked, you want sales. Use these tips to up-grade your social media cam-paign. 1. Use content that at-tracts, informs, and directs your target audience to buy from you. 2. Social media is a mara-thon, not a sprint. It takes time to build up quality followers that will buy from you. 3. Don’t be fooled by the “Build your following in 30 days” scams. They often use automation that is against the social media platforms Terms of Service and could get your ac-count banned.

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Myth #5: I Have To Be on All Social Platforms All The Time I am just going to cut to the chase on this one. You are a busy business owner like I am. While it seems like a strategy that makes sense if you don’t have someone managing your social media accounts you most likely don’t have 6 hours a day to be posting and making vid-eos. I am not saying don’t do social media, instead, I am say-ing determine how much time per week you can devote to so-cial media and divide that time between the platforms where your audience is. This will al-low you to focus on working on your business instead of going to the social media rabbit hole. Here are the 3 principles that you should apply to social me-dia platforms. 1. Determine what plat-forms drive sales opportunities and focus on those platforms rst. 2. Build content for your primary platform (the one that drives the most sales) and adapt that to the other plat-forms you are on. 3. Attempt to post at least 3-5 times per week to stay in front of your audience.

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APeeling in Audio Adam Sinkus' - The Winning Tactics Podcast

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Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard The reality is that mar-keting does not have to be as hard as many people think. The myths above break down into foundational skills that as a business owner you should understand to help move your business forward. All the myths really point back to two key ar-eas: message and time. Focus your message so that you are speaking to your ideal or target audience. Use that message to inform and drive them to buying decisions with your company. Don’t forget that marketing takes time. It also can require a signicant amount of your time. If you have the budget, hiring a marketing agency can save you time, effort, and energy so you can focus on the rest of your business. Adam Sinkus helps busi-nesses generate more leads, build their SEO, and create a website to meet customers where they are at. Click peel to learn more. Like this article? Share it ->Click Peel to Comment

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Wldand Tell it to theDene YourSty

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WldStyMarketAPeel PublicationsClick Covers to Discover an APeeling ExperienceDiscover them today!Click covers for a digital experience

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Meet the RealtorSusanita De Diego the industry and can inter-pret the market data to pro-vide the correct information to help her clients make the best decisions for them. When Susanita started her Real Estate career, she discovered being a REAL-TOR® gave her the opportu-nity to help people and be of service. Being of service is what drives Susanita. Whether she is serving clients, her team, the REALTORS® in her brokerage, or the members of the Calgary Real Estate Board, people come rst. It’s more than helping her clients sell their home or nd a home, it is about helping to present the property in the best light, ensuring she has used her knowledge to obtain the best terms for her clients, Susanita de Diego is an experienced REALTOR® in Cal-gary and surrounding areas in-cluding Country Residential Real Estate and the towns of Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Strathmore, Chestermere, and Langdon. As a member of the Calgary Real Estate Board, she has her nger on the pulse of

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and being her clients’ advocate while negotiating. Susanita believes that to be a good REALTOR®, you must put the interests of your clients before your own, be of service, and stay educated about the ever-changing industry. Her dedication to educa-tion can be seen in her many certications, her decision to become a broker, and her roles with the Calgary Real Estate Board, the Real Estate Council of Alberta, and the City of Cal-gary. Buying or selling a home has many moving parts and legal ramications. By always being on top of the changes in industry practices, and any changes in legislation, she en-sures her client’s interests are protected. What sets her apart are the extra things. Each week the team sends out a market re-port to Susanita’s seller clients, along with data and feedback specic to their home. This gives her clients the information they need to help them decide what to do next to achieve their real estate goals. Susanita’s buyer and seller clients are well-served by her continued leadership in the real estate industry and her team’s commitment to doing the right things for the right reasons.Discover Calgary Real Estate News and Stats.Tap cover

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Available on AmazonAnthony Gruppo talks with business leaders about their jour-ney to success and how to be a servant leader in his latest book Pushers of the Possible. In it he shares his journey from construction worker to International CEO and asks questions to help you dene your success path to become the leader you are meant to be.

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Roots of Leadership Podcastwith Anthony Gruppo

Of Dragon's Den Fame

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By Janet Lewis

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Change is HARD because there is a lack of honesty (di-rect and indirect) during the application of Change Man-agement. Honesty, when it comes to the application of Or-ganizational Change Manage-ment (OCM), is at the center of all successful change adoption and the honesty begins from the highest level of leadership to the lowest tittle. Like being a parent, leaders are called to lead by examples and just like in a family, the people you lead are relying on your guidance to take them to this desirable fu-ture you promise them. What do they need you to be honest about? It is quite simple, at the very least, they need honesty about what the change is, why you are asking them to change, what is in it for them, what does this mean to them and the or-ganization, how they are going to survive on the roller coaster, and are you going to listen to then when they tell you how they feel. The same way you have honest conversations in your home affairs or in other instanc-es of dealing with people and helping them through their challenges, it is the same way you need to have honest and open conversations with the people you lead during the changes in your organization. You may not necessarily have the answer but not giv-en an answer is more danger-ous. Why? because being the human that they are, they will tell their own stories and seek out their own answers to their questions. Have honest con-Change is HARD…. But it does not have to be

Page 46

versations and be authentic. Sometimes it is ok to be con-versationally naked. When you have honest open conversa-tions with your people, you cre-ate a culture of trust and trans-parency. Your people will trust you and will be open to change the next time you need their help to take your organization to the next level. When was the last time you had an honest conversation about OCM on your initiatives? Change is HARD because adoption is low and thereby diminishes the reasons and benets of the change. The adoption is low for many rea-sons. People are busy and there are lot of competition for their attention every day. In the workplace, there are many other projects and initiatives with competing priorities. Key messages and call to actions need to be repeated at least 7 times for the people to know and understand what you are asking them to do. Repetition is key in ensuring that there is clarity and understanding. This

Page 47

does not mean sending Sally the same email 7 times! Re-peating the message 7 times means you are leveraging all your forums and or creating new forums to ensure the that the people you lead know what the change is, why the change is necessary what that that means for them, their peers, and their organisations. Without adoption your change is pointless. Whether it be a piece of software, a new ap or a new way of working, if the people are not using it and or adhering to the new way of working then your change is considered a failure. If your change is not known and or vis-ible needed, then you will need OCM to help the people adopt to your change. Adoption is hard, but it is not impossible. People will adopt to what they need, what they want, and they will most certainly adopt to a change that fullls and satis-es a need. You need to help your people along their change journey by engaging and col-laborating with them and sup-

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porting them when they ask for help. What have you done to increase the adoption level on your change initiatives? Change is HARD because resistance is at an all time high and resistance is high because it is not being embraced and leveraged appropriately. The Merriam Webster dictionary denes resistance as “a psy-chological defense mechanism wherein a patient rejects, de-nies, or otherwise opposes the therapeutic efforts of a psycho-therapist”. You see, resistance is a human behaviour that exist in everyone. Your employees are humans with behaviours, they are not robots. Therefore, they will have a psychological response to your change, which means you also need to have a psychological response to their responses. To resist is to do the opposite of what you are being asked to do and every-one will have a different reason or reasons as to why they are resisting your change. Your job is to uncover the reasons for the resistance and determine how to embrace and leverage that resistance. To resist means that you Think Differently

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APeeling Readers Leather Journal25% Discount Code: BookAPeelhave struck a chord and or you have invoked an emotional re-action in your audience. You have got their attention, now what? Use this as an oppor-tunity to meet your audience at their point of need and fur-ther explore and leverage their reasons for resisting. See the resistance as an opportunity to be better. Resistance is a form of feedback and without feed-back we would never grow. How have you embraced and or leveraged the resistance on your initiatives? Change is HARD be-cause OCM is easily dismissed. Like baking a cake, applying Change Management is a pro-cess. Have you ever attempt-ed to bake cake, but it did not bake properly because you did not follow the directions and guidance of the recipe? Per-haps omitted a few steps in addition to taking the cake out of the oven too soon? Change Management is like baking a cake and all the ingredients matter and patience is a gem. Similarly, not allowing time to

Peter Goral's You are Your Brand Podcast

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execute the Change Manage-ment strategy, approach and plans means taking the Change Management “cake” out too soon. Change Management should not be interrupted ei-ther because of budget or the perception that the Change Management was not needed. The money saved this “budget time” around will be doubled when it is time to call in the emergency OCM. To have signicant and desired adoption, you need to allow the cake to bake. Change Management is not just a quick x when there is a “mess”. It is not an add-on accessory that compliments your reporting or updates or to provide a tick for a check box because. It is not just the decorative cherry on the cake, Change Manage-ment is that essential part of the cake that adds joy and a pleasant taste to the process; Change Management operate with the people in mind and help you to create awareness of your change and ensure that the people impacted by your change is fully supported in a proactive and thoughtful way. Is your OCM a check box? Hon-esty is required to answer this question. Change is HARD but it does not have to be. Here at Dunamus OCM Inc. we can make your adoption journey easier.Like this article? Share it ->Click Peel to Comment

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thing: adoption to the change so we can achieve our Return on Investment (RoI) and reap the benets. Fifteen years ex-perience of consulting, advis-ing, and supporting the people throughout their change helps Dunamus OCM Inc. to keep in mind that change is hard be-cause there is a lack of honesty, adoption is low, resistance is at an all time high and Organi-zational Change Management (OCM) is easily dismissed. Change is HARD, but it does not have to be. At Dunamus OCM Inc., our approach to managing change is simple because our expe-rience has taught us that we sometimes we over complicate the change adoption journey. Since 2020, the pandemic has taught us the importance of going back to basics. With all the degrees, titles, and acco-lades in the world, “wash your hands” became one of the sim- Here at Dunamus OCM Inc., we help organizations manage the people side of change. We help leaders to uncover the resistance, pro-vide solutions that lead to de-sired adoption and Return on Investments (RoI).Dunamus Introduction and Values Whether at work or home, we all go through some level of change and in both environ ments, we strive for the sameAvailable on Amazon

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plest but needed behaviour to help stay safe throughout one of the biggest crisis of the 21st century all over the world. The people went back to basics and continue to do so. The Dunamus approach is baked into our guiding princi-ples and values, the Dunamus GHAL. Firstly, Gratitude. Gratitude for what has been achieved and the tools and re-sources currently available to take on the change. Secondly, Honesty. Honesty about the limitations, the impacts on the people and overall tough deci-sions concerning the future (of the people) with your organi-zation. Thirdly, Appreciation. Appreciation for the efforts put forth by the people and ap-preciation for what they bring to the table. Lastly, Love. Love for the times when you need to put yourself in the other per-sons shoes. Love to remember that people make mistakes and love for when you need to ex-ercise patience as the people you lead start to adopt to what you are asking them to do.Meet Janet Lewis Janet the CEO of Dunamus OCM Inc. the author of the book Lost and Found A bold innovative and un-conventional change manage-ment specialist with over 15 years of strategic and practical experience working in the high-ly complex areas of Change Management, Organizational Readiness, Resistance Manage-ment. A Change Management coach and advisor with a cre-ative and out of the box ap-proach to supporting people through their change. I am the Dunamus GHAL (Gratitude, Honesty, Appreciation, Love) and I am here to help you.Click Peel for Janet Lewis

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Discover the APeeling Social Media Content PackageMonthly Content Package includes 10 social media postsDownload a free packGraphics PLUS a written story, a tweet, and writ-ing prompts for each im-age for you to use on your social media platforms

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FacebookPhotosLinkedInYouTubeTwitterReviewsBlogInterviewsOtherSocial MediaInstagramPodcastsWebsitesWe collect the pieces of your digital brand story to clearly let your audience know why they need to hire youYour Branded Digital MagazineClick Peel 1

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FacebookEmailLinkedINYouTubeTwitterOtherSocial MediaInstagramBlogWe create content to share with your audience and our own audiences on various platformsBrings audiences into your sales / marketing funnelYour Branded Digital MagazineClick Peel 32

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When I rst started my com-pany,, it was completely by accident. One Saturday, I found myself nostalgi-cally watching a marathon of one of my favorite childhood sitcoms - The Dukes of Hazzard. During my trip down memory lane, I sat on the oor and created the rst eco-friendly bag with my likeness on it, now known as a SweetPurse-nality Tote. As I took the train to work each day, I deemed my purse as nothing more than a fashion ac-cessory, just a little something - for How my Preschooler Propelled my Prosperity Sonja Smith

Page 57

me, by me. But as other women started to notice my one-of-a-kind arm candy, and the demands grew, it became apparent that I was onto something big. Unbeknownst to me, I was single-handedly rein-forcing to women everywhere, the founding principle of my business as stated in Ecclesiastes 3:11, “He hath made everything beautiful, in its time…”. As the popularity and celebrity ownership of my SweetPursenality Totes grew, I decided to create a logo - a global symbol for Beautiful Brown Girl. Having been blessed with a son, I used my imagination to draw what I thought my daughter would look like. With her adorable curly puffs, and big bright eyes, I adorned her in pink and brown. Years later, I received feedback that although a lot of women loved my design, many weren’t huge fans of pink, so I went back to the drawing board with a redesign in mind. At the time, my four-year-old son entered my ofce - curious as usual - to ask what I was doing. Explaining my conundrum, I ex-pressed to him that I wanted to revamp my logo but wasn’t sure which direction to go.

Page 58

Innocently enough, he asked, “Can I help you?” Intrigued to see what he had in mind, I handed him my pencil and turned my brainstorming pa-per toward him, “Sure!” I watched enthusiastically as he listed several color combinations that I hadn’t even considered. Once he was done, he ex-citedly slid my paper back to me, “Here you go!” “Okay, tell me what this list is.” “See, Mommy, if you use these colors, more people will want to wear her. If you use your imagina-tion, you can put her on all kinds of stuff - and everyone will love her!” And with that, he returned to his playroom to resume whatever he’d been doing just moments before. I sat in awe, as I looked at the list. Little did I know at the time, but his contribution would help me to develop several design collections, ultimately propelling my product line to over 1,300 items and count-ing. Who would have thought that my preschooler’s forethought would help me to not only create a pleth-ora of apparel and accessories, but also home and ofce decor; afford-ing me the opportunity to remain a stay-at-home-mom. I am proud to say that that preschooler is now a middle school-er who is taking advanced STEM courses, earning high-school credit. He is still my most-trusted business advisor as he has not only demon-Click to Visit

Page 59

strated a strong interest in entrepre-neurship but continues to come up with innovative marketing strategies for all my entrepreneurial endeav-ors. I love asking his opinion on business matters because his per-spective is pure and innocent. As a child, he’s prone to simply going with what makes sense. He isn’t jaded with what-ifs, nor does he overthink or over analysis as I tend to. Ultimately his suggestions always urge me to trust my instincts, as his condent recurring rebuttal to my doubt is, “Well, why wouldn’t it work? The sky is the limit – so go for it, Mommy!” Our unlikely partnership is nothing more than a testament to the adage that when you instill your children that anything is possible, they will prove you right!

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Inclusive Jewelry’s mission is to create beautiful pieces that allow you to express your true inner self. We believe that beauty is inclusive and we are on a mission to empower and strengthen the world around us--one hash tag necklace and mandala bracelet at a time. Each thoughtful collection was created by our designer, Esther Tow, who collaborated with a diverse group of international suppliers to give you unique talismans that will remind you to celebrate life and all its joys. Esther is a true New York-er, raised in Long Island. Esther was tired of working for some-body else’s dream. Back in the early 2000s, the fashion and jewelry industry at times was not always the best in fostering a nurturing environment for its employees. Also, there were periods where it felt like the brand identity was not aligned with Esther’s ideas for helping people. These were learning ex-periences. Esther felt that she wanted to create something with a story that could bring people from all different cul-tures, ethnicities, genders, to-gether as one. She envisioned creating Demi-Fine jewelry with the best quality at affordable prices that were made under fair working conditions. Designing jewelry is in-spired by many emotions; the desire for beauty, the need for acceptance, and the want to display commitment. At Inclusive Jewelry, we are inspired by traditions, cultures and architecture. We like to think that the nished product is more than just a piece of jew-elry, it has a story to tell.Inclusive Jewelry’s Hashtag Necklaces tell a story

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Buy One Share One promoMay 1st thru May 6 at Use code: MAMA at checkout at

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The A-Z of Content Marketing: 12+ Strategies & Channels

Page 63

There is no denying that the internet has completely changed the face of trade for businesses and how consumers shop. The convenience of simply opening your laptop or unlock-ing your cell phone takes all the stress and effort out of tradi-tional high street shopping. With so many online busi-nesses competing for their cus-tomers’ attention, you run the risk of becoming lost amongst the crowd. How do you make sure that your brand and your prod-ucts are not just being seen but are actually getting noticed by your target market? The answer lies in creat-ing a strong content marketing strategy. In our modern tech-nology age, any business that doesn’t have a strong online presence through social media, websites, and podcasting will virtually go unnoticed. Building a contenting mar-keting strategy isn’t as difcult as you might believe either. Take all of the technical jargon and seemingly confus-ing terminology out of it, and it can be a simple thing to put together. Content marketing is fun too! It offers you a place to ex your creative muscle and de-sign some advertising that real-ly stands out. If you’re excited about get-ting your content marketing strategy up and running but are a little confused about where to begin, consider this article your new best friend! Below, we’ll guide you through a variety of strategies and content formats available to you. By the time you’ve nished reading, you’ll have a much better idea of what your next steps need to be to give your brand the online recognition it deserves.

Page 64

What Is Content Marketing? To kick things off, let’s take a look at what content market-ing actually is. Put simply; content mar-keting is a collection of online material that can be shared through various channels and platforms. These include social me-dia, websites, podcasts, and blogs. As you might have guessed, content marketing requires content. However, it’s purpose is to inspire people to engage with what you’re sharing. This means that it needs to be more than the standard ‘Sale Now On’ or ‘Click Here For Offer’ posts traditionally used in marketing. Instead, the content should be something that your po-tential and existing customers are interested in and can learn from. Blog posts, podcast epi-sodes, and informational videos are all fantastic additions to any content marketing strategy. We’ll go into a little more detail on each of those and more a little later on. It certainly shouldn’t be

Page 65

thought of as clickbait, though. Each piece of content you create for your content market-ing strategy needs to generate interest but doesn’t mislead your audience into interacting with it. For example, a blog post entitled ‘The Best Way to Re-move Wrinkles’ but doesn’t give you any information on that subject whatsoever will only result in negative com-ments and poor engagement. Content Marketing as Inbound Marketing There can be a little con-fusion over the differences be-tween content marketing and inbound marketing. However, the truth is that they are pretty much the same thing, with only a slight difference. Content marketing uses interesting and informative content across search engines, social media, and podcasting to draw customers in. Inbound marketing does the same but focuses more on the bigger picture with a nal-ized sale in mind. So, with that in mind, it’s entirely possible to use content marketing as inbound market-ing.AwarenessInterestDecisionCloseRetain

Page 66

However, to really get your content noticed, you might want to think about investing in advertising it across social me-dia. This will give it an extra boost and help to generate more interest in your posts, which, in turn, results in more sales.The Funnel EffectOne way to do this is by using a method called ‘The Funnel Effect.’ This involves setting up your social media advertising in a way that retargets prod-ucts to people that have inter-acted with your content. Let’s make this a little eas-ier to understand, using Face-book advertising as an exam-ple. Imagine you’ve written an attention-grabbing, informative piece of content on your web-site’s blog. The next step in your con-tent marketing strategy is to share that article across your brand’s social media platforms. Once it’s been posted, you head over to Facebook Ads Manager and create a campaign that rst of all shows Hero Candle Available at BookAPeelClick the Peel

Page 67

your post to anybody that al-ready likes your page, and the friends of that person too. This is ‘Phase 1’ of your funnel. ‘Phase 2’ would then be to create a second ad campaign that shows any other content you’ve created to the people that have seen or engaged with your posts over a set period of time. This generates further brand awareness. As we start moving down the funnel, the nal phase is to show your products to anybody engaged with your content. At this stage, they are aware of your brand and are likely to purchase from you. You can even set up your funnel to offer a discount code to anybody that has viewed any of your website’s content or added a product to their shop-ping cart but not checked out. To do this, you’ll need to set up your ‘Pixel’ with Face-book Business Manager, but this is a straightforward pro-cess.Click the Peel to Learn More About Content MarketingBookAPeel has more than BooksClick the Peel

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The greatest stories are hidden in the most unlikely of places

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Photo by Randy & Marcy PeelMarketAPeel creates content to help brands connect with their audiences Learn MoreMarketAPeel Helps Brands Dene Their Stories & Tell them to the Marketplace

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Family Dinner House cleaned, check. Theroast is in the oven, check. Thepotatoes on the stove, check.The cake is iced, the pudding’schilled, check. Buns. Oh no, Iforgot the buns. “Alexis… Alexis…” Myvoice gets louder as I screamup the stairs. “ALEXIS!” “Ya what do you want? I’mbusy.” “Doing what?” “None of your business.” “It is my business. Forgetit. I need you to go and pickup some dinner buns from thestore. Everyone will be heresoon.” “Why does everyone haveto come every week?” “Seriously? You’ve askedthat question every week sinceyou were fourteen and the an-swer has always been the same.Now get me the buns.” “Yes M’am.” She salutes.I hate it when she does that. Idon’t have time to disciplineher, I’ll just store it for later.Now where was I? Buns, house,roast, potatoes, buns, cake, andpudding, drinks. “Alexis… get ginger ale.”I yell at her back as she leavesthe house. “Moooom.” Isabella comesbounding down the stairs. Thegirl truly does bound like a rab-bit or some kind of stair-bound-ing kangaroo. Drives me nuts. “Yes, Isabella?” “Isa, Mom it’s Isa.”Family dinnerBy Shannon PeelThe Novel #ThatsLife was written as a serialseries. Each Issue of APeeling will include achapter for you to enjoy.

Page 72

“I named you. It’s Isabella and I’m not having this conver-sation again. What?” “Aiden is messing around in my room.” “Tell him to get out.” “He won’t listen.” No surprise there. That boy has selective hearing. “Tell him I have some cookies here for him.” “Cookies? Can I have one?” “And ruin your dinner and your gure?” She glares at me. I know that was an unfair re-mark, still the girl would live on junk food if I let her. It’s so hard to get her to eat a healthy meal. One day she told us she was going to be a vegetarian. More like a carbotarian. The girl only ate bread and cheese, mainly in the form of cheese pizza. That didn’t last long be-fore I sat her down with a good healthy meal of meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Wouldn’t let her get up ‘til she ate it all. A growing girl needs a healthy meal. “Isa said you had cook-ies?” “It’s Isabella, Aiden, and yes, if you go help your father with the lawn.” “Do I have to?” “Yes you have to. Next time, don’t bug your sister. Now out you go. Your father shouldn’t have to do it all on his own anymore, you’re thir-Five Women Navigating Life in the 21st Century.

Page 73

teen, plenty old enough to help out. Hurry, everyone will be here soon.” “Is Davie coming?” “Yes. I think so. He was at his father’s last week, right? So he’s here this week. Now off you go or you won’t be playing with Davie or getting any cook-ies.” With that he was out the door to help Gus with the yard work. Oh damn I should have given the boy a beer to take to his dad. Gus will be thirsty. Beer? Oh no. I rush to the ga-rage where there is another fridge usually lled with beer and wine. I forgot to check our supplies. “Hey honey, how’s the din-ner coming?” “Gus.” He is pulling cases of beer and bottles of wine out of the car. He remembered. “Let me help you.” He bends down kisses me on the cheek and then hands me a couple bottles of wine. I look up at him. My man. Tall. Solid. My heart oods with joy and I want to be in his arms. That will have to wait. It’s Sun-day and everyone will be here soon. So much to do. Always so much to do.I love Sundays. Family days. It is a lot of work having every-one over here every week to get caught up and reconnected and I love it. Since my sisters moved my parents into the city it’s the only way I get to see them. Family is so import-ant and the kids really need to spend time with their grandpar-ents before they are gone. Not that it will be anytime soon, mind you. Coming Soon...Story Journals based on #ThatLife to Guide you deeper into your own story to heal the cuts of life.

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