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Colleen's North Shore Homes

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What Colleen Loves!BikingHikingWalkingYogaBeachOceanNatureForestsWatchingEuropeanCrime Dramaswith subtitlesI’s, crossed t’s, and demandedeverything was done right. TheseRealtors will tell you that Colleenwill take care of you, ensure ev-erything is done right, and knowsher stuff to protect your interests. How are your negotiatingskills? Do you live for the deal?Can you negotiate like a pro?Colleen has been negotiating realestate deals for 16 years. Sheknows what a good offer is andadvises her clients on what to of-fer, what to ask for, and then ne-gotiates on their behalf to get thebest deal possible. Throughouther career, she has undergonetraining and learned from those inthe industry about negotiation andgetting the best deal for a client. Colleen Shorter does a lotmore than show homes or put upa sign. She analyzes the market,the properties, and the paperworkto ensure her client’s interests aretaken care of. She makes sureher seller’s properties are show-cased to the market properly tobring interested buyers in. Sheuses her skills and talents to ma-neuver through a deal and un-derstand all the details that couldaffect the outcome of the sale.Published by: MarketAPeel Agency

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“I love spending time in Ambleside. It is the best place to live in the lower mainland because of the ocean, beach, mountains, and shopping”Ambleside Life The

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Ambleside Life The

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When Colleen Shorter moved to the North Shore, she felt like she was nally home. It is where she belongs and she never wants to leave. Whenever she drives north over the Lions-gate bridge, she gets a warm feeling and a huge smile on her face because she is living in the best place in the world. She en-joys living the healthy lifestyle the North Shore offers. The community has every-thing she needs. It has the Park Royal shopping centre, small business boutique shopping, yoga classes, doctors, pharma-cies, the park, the beach, and the mountains. You can swim, bike, walk, ski, snowshoe, and never have to drive. Whether she visits the Capilano suspen-sion bridge, the dam, Grouse Mountain, the river, and trails, she is happy to be in the natural environment of her community.

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AMBLESIDEPublished by: MarketAPeel Agency

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 Colleen loves Real Es-tate it’s more than a career, it’s apassion she has enjoyed for 16years. She likes to help those whoneed her expertise in contract lawand real estate. Colleen’s ser-vice is for everyday people whoare selling the home they’ve livedin for a lifetime, people who arenew to Canada, or someone whois just starting out on their homeownership journey. Selling or buy-ing a home might seem straightforward, but it is lled with manypitfalls if the contracts are shorton details and don’t account forthe what ifs that happen in life. She went to school to studylaw where she earned a parale-gal diploma and then worked fora large real estate developer. Ex-perience on the developer side ofReal Estate gave her an insightinto strata plans and details likeairspace, commercial entitlements, covenants, easements,and statutory right of ways. Sheunderstands how all these legalrights will affect the sale of thehome or the lifestyle of the pur-chaser. She knows what to lookfor to ensure her clients are pro-tected. Real Estate is complicatedand too often a buyer doesn’tknow what questions to ask to en-sure they will not be on the hookfor an unforeseen expense orliving in a strata that restricts theirlifestyle. Colleen knows what tolook for, how to write a good con-tract, and has advanced trainingin real estate law to help her pro-tect her client’s interests. There is more to selling ahome than exchanging cash forkeys. The process can be frus-trating and if one is not careful,it could cost you more than youexpected.Meet CleenMeet Cleen

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Colleen ShorterREALTOR©Giving Y theAenti Y DesvePublished by: MarketAPeel Agency
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