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APEELING  SERIESThe objective of the APeeling Series of events and books is toprovide people with tips, ideas, and solutions to help them createan appealing life, career, business.We look at the problems your ideal audience faces to choose thetopic and question that needs to be answered by the presenters.All presenters must answer the question and title their talk how to...Presentations must give at least 3 ideas, tips, or insights toinspire them to keep trying to move forward in their life, career, business.
At the end of the presentation, presenters are encouraged to offer asolution audiences can purchase or sign up for. Plus a freegiveaway lead magnet to be added to the book and community.If you need a lead magnet MarketAPeel can create one for you,branded to your business.Helping people create an appealing life, career, business.

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APEELING SYMPOSIUMSWe start by choosing a problem and go out looking for speakerswho want to share their solutions with those looking to fix theproblem in their lives, career, and business. To extend the value of the speaker's insights, we design amultimedia, interactive, digital book for future audiences seekingout solutions to their problems. How MarketAPeel is DifferentHelping people create an appealing life, career, business.Presentersdayshours / daymultimedia book

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APEELING PRESENTERSThe maximum number of presenters per event is 15 so we canensure all 15 are given the attention they deserve. Too manypresenters can result in audience dilution and their messagegets lost in the overwhelming amount of content busyaudiences need to process.Helping people create an appealing life, career, business.Presenters?hours / day?whywhyAudiences can attend without feeling overwhelmed by contentand being taken away from their daily workload. Each presenteris given 30 minutes to either present their talk, be interviewedby our hosts, or a combination of both. Each speaker gets theaudience's attention and we bring them back at the end for apanel discussion.

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APEELING  SYMPOSIUMSwhat people say about APeeling Symposiums

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Podcasting Book Decisions Book

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THE DIGITAL BOOKMultimedia and interactive features

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THE DIGITAL BOOKwhat people say about APeeling Series Books

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APEELING LEADERSHIPShannon Peel Brand StorytellerMarketAPeelShannon is the creative force behind the MarketAPeel brand andthe APeeling Series. She is the producer and co-host of the eventsand digital publisher of the books. Her podcast BrandAPeelinterviews branding and marketing experts. Helping people create an appealing life, career, business.Rich Bontrager - The TriggerBroadcast Expert and CoachRock the StageRich Bontrager, known as the Trigger, is a speaker with 30 yeasbroadcasting experience who coaches people to help them rock.the stage . He is the lead host of the APeeling Series Events. On hisRock the Stage podcast, he interviews speakers and media experts .On his live at 2pm with the Trigger show he talks about creatingyour own media empire for your brand and interviews ourpresenters.

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