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Preparing Your Home to List 979 Marine Drive Vancouver BC Cameron and Emily are faced with selling their first home so he can accept a new position in Toronto and are overwhelmed with everything they need to do to get their place ready to list They sat down with a bottle of wine to talk about what they need to do and complied a long list including everything from completing all the half done renovations to covering up the wall their 3 year old drew on How would they get it all done and have time to sell the home before he was expected to be in the Toronto office It can be overwhelming when all the things you believed you had time to get to suddenly needs to be completed There are certain things which need to be done and other things will not add a dollar to the value of your home though it will cost you two Make sure you understand what is necessary before taking on the project of getting your home ready to sell Try to take an objective look around your home from a buyer s perspective What would stop you from making an offer What do you need to do to put your home s best face forward Go to a few open houses and make a list of the things which will stop you from buying it

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Kayaking around the Gulf Islands is my idea of heaven Steven Dearing

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